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"Embrace risk;
Pursue the unexpected;
View problems as opportunity paths"

Nancy M. Schlichting

For a full bio about our 2018 keynote speaker, Nancy Schlichting, click here.

Nancy knows what it takes to lead. She is uniquely qualified to describe how pursuit of the unexpected can turn anticipated failure into success – because she’s done it. When she talks of her affinity for “big, sticky, complex problems,” her explanations offer proven guidance for creating positive change – because she’s solved them. When she speaks about “bucking tradition” as a lens for more clearly seeing the solutions to tough challenges, she does it with the authority of someone telling her own story.

Audiences leave inspired to:

  • Confront challenges with bravery and confidence
  • Consider their biggest obstacles as their greatest opportunities
  • Not be afraid to think differently and be the one to create the change needed to succeed.

Nancy has her own website, which details her career and latest activities.